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Multiple themes – one site

  • Hi all,

    I don’t mean to be one of those users who just throws the question up on the Forum without looking at the help files first, but I am having trouble finding answers in all the docos (there is so much info that it is hard to find specific info if that makes sense).

    I am building a site for a Community Garden that I am involved in. Basically the site will have two components to it. One component will consist of multiple pages but they will be focused on the community garden site that we are building (eg – http://www.rrcf.org.au/communitygarden/…..). The second component will focus on the Community Garden organisation itself and how to get involved. (eg – http://www.rrcf.org.au/committee/...). It will also consist of multiple pages.

    Each component will be separate from the other with no means to link directly from one to the other. The home page will be the only link between the two. The home page will basically only consist of two links, one for the garden, the other for the committee.

    I am wanting to use templates to help (I am only learning how to build websites so need all the help I can get 😉 ) but want the community garden pages to have a different style to the committee pages. Is this possible, and if it is, can someone please provide me with some links to docs that will tell me how to do it.


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  • Given what you are describing, I suggest you use two different WordPress installations. That will be your easiest solution. Then you can use a different theme on each one.

    The top page that links them together can either be part of one of the sites, or a standalone HTML page.

    Since you are learning, this will be much simpler.

    sure it is easy – just use 2 installs of wordpress exactly how you outlined above
    one in a folder /communitygarden
    and another in a folder /committee

    here are the docs for it

    edit – dang 36 seconds


    Though am not using multiple themes at the moment, just out of curiosity.

    How is it possible to use the same set of logins if we are installing 2 wordpress for the same site? Will it help if we use the same database for both the installations?

    Its been just 2 days since i’ve been into WordPress and have started to love it, especially the help that am getting from people.



    The answer for the original question was based on few users logging in, most just viewing the site. It is possible to have the second site use the users table from the first site. You still have to log in to both sites separately, but the user info is shared between the two sites. Her are some instructions for how to set that up

    Share users between two blogs
    Here are some brief notes on how to share a user table between more than one installation. All installations must be in the same database, using different table name prefixes. The table name prefix is set in each site’s wp-config.php file. Each site has a different table name prefix

    Share users between two blogs
    Put them both in the same database with different prefixes. Then choose one of them to be the master user table. Then do this in both wp-config.php files:


    Replace the wp_ with the prefix you want.

    In other words, you designate the user table from ONE installation as the master user table which will be used by the other installations instead of their own user table. This PHP code must go in the wp-config.php file in all the installations that you want sharing a single user table. You can have more than two installations set up the same way. Their tables must all be in a single database however.

    Oh thank you for the information.

    But I think that won’t be good when a member has to login twice on the same website for posting in different blogs.

    Is there a way where we can integrate 2 wordpress, login details so a member needs to login just once on the website and he can post in any number of blogs thats installed in it?

    Is there a way where we can integrate 2 wordpress, login details so a member needs to login just once on the website and he can post in any number of blogs thats installed in it?

    That is how WordPress MultiUser works http://mu.wordpress.org/

    is wordpress-mu an upgrade of the latest wordpress or is it something totally different?

    will it effect if I just overwrite my existing wordpress?

    is wordpress-mu an upgrade of the latest wordpress or is it something totally different?

    at this point, totally different. Supposedly they are being merged. You can’t overwrite an existing site with WPMU. Its has its own install process. You can export content from the single blogs and import into new blogs with same names on WPMU

    so what are the issues that I would face if in case I want to move to WPMU from my existing wordpress?

    You can export content from the single blogs and import into new blogs with same names on WPMU

    does it mean that I can export all the logins, users, blogs, comments, etc. from my existing wordpress blog to the new wpmu?

    See this post and follow its links

    Thank you for that link.

    Looks like it would work, though have to try it myself.

    Another way to do it would be to have two header.php and two different css files used in conjunction with page templates. This will work if you do not want to have multiple WordPress installations.

    How to do it:
    For the community garden part of the site use the regular header.php and style.css.

    For the committee part open up header.php in a texteditor and rename it by saving as committeeheader.php and then upload this file.

    Open up style.css and rename it by saving as committestyle.css and then upload this file.

    Attach that new stylesheet to your new header by finding <?php bloginfo('stylesheet_url'); ?> in the committeeheader.php and replacing with with the file path to your new committeestyle.css stylesheet e.g. http://yourblogname.com/committeestyle.css.

    Now create a page template. Open up index.php or page.php in your text editor and save/upload as committeepages.php.

    Add `<?php
    Template Name: Committee Pages
    ?>to the very top of the page template and replace the<?php get_header(); ?>with<?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/committeeheader.php’); ?>`

    For all committee pages just select your new template and that new stylesheet will apply to it.

    To make the pages look different just edit either one of the stylesheets and change the look/layout there.

    Hi pals,
    I successFully install WordPress MU in my localhost system. Friends,I need to give Each Blog to Different Theme. If I have 10 blogs there,
    I need to give 10 different themes for same. Is that Possible in WordPress MU … I am still searching a solution , on that time I found a plugin named “Theme options”. Is that enough for same, I need to workout
    and I have another doubt also regarding installation of this Plugin.
    i can View two folders mu-plugin and plugin. In which folder i place the
    plugin files…. Please Give A solution as Early as Possible….

    With Great Regards
    Anes P.A

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