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  • Hey there. I’ve pretty much got my index page designed how I want it more or less (in firefox at least for now), but now I want to design my about page in its own file “about.php” rather than as a WordPress “Page”.

    As a bit of a test, I renamed my index to about.php but as I tested it, it comes up with an “object not found!” error. So I guess that it might be trying to load it from the root directory rather than the /wp-content/themes/ folder. However, that didn’t work either.

    I just want to design the rest of my pages the same as my index in their separate files sort of like if I was designing a static site, I’d put index.html, about.html etc in the same folder. Surely there has to be a way. Can anyone help?

    My site is at

    The reason I want to design my sites pages separately is because I want each page laid out differently from one another, a bit like

    Any help is much appreciated!

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  • You could still Pages and use the Page Template facility so each Page could use a different template. That way you can use wp_list_pages or the Pages Widget to present access to those pages on your main/home page.

    But you could just give your users a link to about.html and code the whole page as html.

    You don’t want to rename your index.php file, you might copy it and then rename the copy.

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