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    I’m finding it difficult to explain what i mean, so I’m therefore finding it difficult to find a plugin to do what i want!

    Basically when you are on the “Add Post” item of the admin menu, below the post YYSIWYG editor, you have custom plugin boxes, which allows you to position the boxes how you want.

    I currently have 6 custom Taxonomies to group my postings, but if i drag one under the post it takes up the whole width, and i was wondering if there was a plugin or a way of adding say 4 of these Custom taxonomy tag boxes onto one line? It would save alot of space and allow me to not need to scroll down really far to access them on the right menu!

    I hope you understand what I mean, but more importantly I hope there is a solution!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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