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    I currently build a PDF-Invoice-System for our company, everything works pretty well so far. I just have a Problem with Multiple Tax-Rates in the same Order.

    Lets say I hav

    1 Product with 10€ (including 7% tax)
    1 Product with 10€ (including 19% tax)
    Shipping cost 10€ (including tax)

    My Problem is how WooCommerce calculates the Taxes, according to German law you have to split the taxes in this case 1:1 for the shipping tax. You may can also use the highest Tax.

    As far I see WooCommerce uses always the 19% for the shipping tax.

    So does WooCommerce always use the highest Tax-Rate of an Order or how is the magic behind the shipping taxes? (I could look in code but especially the tax things drive me crazy^^ Maybe you know and it would save me a lot of time)

    Thanks in advance for the reply

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    Hello @petschko ,

    I agree with the fact that both the shipping and tax can become confusing at times. Let’s figure it out.

    First of all, we will need to know which tax class being used. Because by default WooCommerce will add shipping tax based on these conditions –

    • If you have a product with the Standard rate in the order, it will be used for the shipping regardless if this rate is high or low;
    • If you don’t have a product with the Standard rate in the order, then the first rate found in the Additional tax class section will be used for shipping.
    • So, in your case, if you have a 19% tax rate in the Standard rate then that will be used on shipping tax calculation. For other tax class, the highest one will be used.

      You can use plugins like Germanized for WooCommerce to comply your tax settings according to German laws. You can check with them if your expected shipping tax split is possible with the plugin or not.

      I hope the information helps.

      Thank you 🙂

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    Yeah we use the Germanized Plugin, we just need a PDF-Invoice generation. We used the Pro-Germanized PDF-Invoice creation but that doesn’t fit our needs anymore^^

    Thank you for the answer, these Information help me a lot! =)

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