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  • I am trying to find a plugin like is featured on the WordPress Themes Directory. It is there, so I know it exists. Does anyone know where I can get a plugin that does the same thing? I have searched for months for something similar.

    I have found Advanced Search which claims to do what I need, but it does not work. Regardless of the selections the user makes, it returns all posts.

    I also found JSearch, but it does not work at all. I can’t even get it to show up.

    If you could point me in a direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance.

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  • I guess a better way to explain it would be:

    Suppose a real-estate site. They have categories with subcategories like:

    -two story
    -three story



    A visitor looking for a 2-story, 3 bedroom house in the country should be able to select a few check boxes and only return posts that belong to the categories/posts selected.

    I am not picky as to category or tag. At this point I wold gladly redo all of my tags and categories to get the functionality. My business model is based around this feature on my website.

    I would be willing to discuss paying someone to write a plugin.

    Can you tell I am desperate? Thanks again for reading and for the (anticipated) help!

    Andrea RT’d your tweet, so I had to stop in and see what you were working on.

    Check with @denharsh on twitter. I’ve done business with his team of wordpress coders and they did a great job. They do a lot of custom plugins and such. Sorry I don’t know of anything ready made.


    Yeah, I saw the RT as well, and Kim is right, probably best to find a plugin developer.

    I did run across this plugin and it sounds like what you are looking for. But it only works in the sidebar and says it works up to 2.8.6, so not sure on it’s stability, But you might check it out…


    Thanks for the reply. I will contact @denharsh and told him you sent me. Thanks for a direction to go in.


    I agree with you. Best to contact a developer. I just didn’t know of one. I actually have the plugin you mentioned. It provides the basic functionality I am looking for. The limitation I am trying to overcome is the availability of check boxes vice drop downs and the ability to choose multiple subcategories in one parent. However, in my present situation, beggars can’t be choosers. Thank you for your reply as well.


    Even though you have not commented here, thanks for the RT that got me the responses as well as all the support you have given me on the topic.

    Concerning the Multiple Category Selection Widget:

    Anyone know of a way to change the background color of the drop downs that have been changed?

    Currently, the plugin works as described, but the biggest issue I see is there is no way for a visitor to quickly figure out what options have been selected. All categories (whether selected and changed or not) are the same text color, same background color, font, pitch, etc. It is easy for me to quickly discern, but not to someone who is not intimately aware of my category breakdown.

    There should be a way to change the way a drop down looks to make it easy to see what options have been selected. I know nothing about .php so I am again asking for your help.

    Thank you again for your time!

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