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  • Dear @takayukister thanks for your great work with CF7. I´m using your plugin on almost all of our websites.

    As this thread is already marked as resolved I´m opening hereby a new one.

    Unfortunately I´m facing a problem with multiple form submissions. I get from one user multiple emails. This happens to me on different websites, even without file upload form fields. The server and the UI is not the reason for that multi-submissions.

    The good news as far as I have seen it: The statistics (AdWords / Google Analytics) are not getting broken by this multiple submissions.

    The bad news: It is getting weird with the mutliple sent out emails. Recently I had a submission of one person where I received 25 mails (!). I don´t think that this user hit 25 times the submit button. What I can see, that most of our form submits coming from mobile devices.

    Could it has something to do with an unstable internet connection?

    Or is it because I´m using the that function under advanced seetings:
    on_sent_ok: “ga(‘send’, ‘event’, ‘abc’, ‘submit’); fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’); location = ‘/?page_id=1234’;”

    However this case is getting critical as my customer think we are not able to perform a propoer working contact form.

    Thanks for any help!


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    An update about the Google Analytics statistics: I´m tracking it with the current suggested method

    The mulitple clicks are tracked. One example:
    – I have clicked multiple times on the send button
    – Two emails was sent out
    – And in Analytics I got 6 events tracked (for this one submission)
    – If I´m going deeper into statistic I can find the value “Unique Events” which shows then only one for this

    But still in my opinion this is something which could be maybe improved in this plugin. What do you think?

    For AdWords I could not check it yet, but I will keep you updated here.


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    I have recently been having this issue with one particular client, where nearly every submission of his contact form is “double-clicked” (customers on Windows???).

    I’m thankful for the javascript solution in the other thread, but I agree that it would make sense for the button to be disabled while the form is submitting.


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