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  • Hello there! First I would like to thank all the wordpress comunity; mainly the people that work hard on creating this GREAT tool that WordPress is.

    Now addressing my issue:

    I have a weblog that is accessible by the domain In the admin/Options area both URL options are setted up this way ( and I am happy with that and would like to stay like that.

    But I have to track some traffic directed to my site by using a subdomain like… Every page accessed by this name works just fine, the only problem is that when a user get there from the other site to the (…) subdomain all the links do NOT have the AW. at the beginning. It really mess up my statistics, because that way I am unable to correctly track what I need. For my tracking to work properly all the links shoul be relative, “ignoring” the main (and original) domain name when constructing the pages.

    I tried to leave the URL fiels (in admin/opt) blank and that took my blog completely off the air and I had to restore the database (thank A LOT to mysql backup).

    I understand that it is in that way that WP works but I would like to change it for my websites. If I try to use anything like http://* on the admin/ options would it work? I am really affraid now to mess up again! 😀

    Would work if I remove or change some code in any page? If that is tha case, what exactly shoul I do (Im not really a coder)?

    I will leave the suggestion to a option be setted in the admin/option that would aneble any dumbarse like myself to do that.

    If that it is anything here unclear (other than my poorly written english), just reply, please. Thanks in advance for anybody that would take some time to read and answer my question.

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  • I understand that it is in that way that WP works but I would like to change it for my websites.

    In that case you have to write your own version of WP.
    Sorry, no, it doesn’t work as you wish: the two URI values in the admin > OPtions > General have to point to the real physical location of the WP install. (You learned that already in the hard way…)

    Don’t even think about messing with the URI values – it will just kill your blog.
    Find another way to track your traffic.

    EDIT. MOved to How-To section, there is nothing advanced in this oen, just good old plain how-to.

    If I understand you problem correctly, WordPress has nothing to do with it. I don’t know which stat software you are using, but you need to install it for each subdomain as well. Many web hosting companies let you see statistics for any subdomain directory on top of main domain + add-on domains.

    Good luck,


    Thanks for the prompt anwers, guys.

    No, macsoft3, thats not my problem at all.


    “there is nothing advanced in this oen, just good old plain how-to.”

    Wouldnt be “good old fashion how to NOT”?

    I only came here because I thought that it would be some WP specialists here. I really do not see how it could be so difficult for those that have the actual knolledge since any website can work fine with relative-only links.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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