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    Is it possible to have a multistore in WooCommerce?

    I want to divide my WooCommerce store into 2 distinct stores with my photography prints showing up in 2 different collection names called:

    open edition prints
    limited edition prints

    Is it possible to set up up 2 different stores or collections using WooCommerce? If not, do you see another way to achieve this?

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  • Hi Misscatherine

    It is not possible to have multiple ‘shop’ pages, however, you can instead have a standard shop page that has all of the items listed, and then separate category pages that list only products belonging to that category.

    For instance, you could set up the an ‘Open Edition’ Category, and a ‘Limited Edition’ Category and assign products to them accordingly and then set the category pages to be their own menu items (if you wanted to, you could also remove the shop from the menu, thus giving the illusion that there is only the two separate categorised pages, however, as WooCommerce often points people back to the main shop page from various links this would be ill advised unless you wanted to delve into the code to make adjustments to the links).

    This is done by going to appearance->menus and then looking on the left for the categories. Add these to your menus and they will function just like the shop page, but with only items from the category you have chosen to show.



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    Thank you Andy, I believe you have provided me with a good alternative. I’m very grateful to you for taking the time to write such a clear explanation! 🙂

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    Hello again Andy,

    Now that I’ve actually started to create a few test products to see how to set things up, I’m encountering an unforeseen problem.

    From your above advice, I understand I can create a “category” link that shows up in the menu. But what if I don’t want the link to show up in the menu? What if I instead what to create a link within a page to a specific category of products?

    To understand, please refer to this page on my site:

    At the bottom, you have three options, for small, medium and large prints.

    I want to create the ‘illusion’ of separate shops for the small & medium print options. (For the Large, I don’t want a shop)

    I can use the link under “medium” to reach my main shop (which I’ve done, things are still unfinished there).

    But how could I make the link under Small prints target a specific category of products? (now the link goes to another site, but I want to change that)

    Thanks for your help,

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    Hello again!

    I think I have found my own solution. By creating two category of products, the “shop” page created two distinct links. I can then use those URL links wherever I want… As you pointed out in your initial response, I will end up masking the original shop page, but I don’t see a problem for the moment in doing that.

    You write: as WooCommerce often points people back to the main shop page from various links this would be ill advised unless you wanted to delve into the code to make adjustments to the links

    For the moment, I don’t see that happening. I’ll keep going this way and see what happens…


    Yes, that will work for sure. I have checked out your site.

    There is only a few instances of woocommerce directing back to the shop page, most notably in the cart/checkout section of the site. For instance, if you put a product into your cart and then remove it before purchase it gives you a link to the original shop page.

    To combat this you can change this link to be the home page by following the instructions on this tutorial: Business Bloomer – Change Shop Link.

    You would need to add this to your child themes function.php file. If you are not using a child theme and are not confident in setting one up you can instead install the ‘My Custom Functions’ plugin and paste the code directly into there.


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    Thank you again Andy, I’ll make sure to make that adjustment.

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