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    Hi, I’m signed up as an associate in 6 countries. You state in your About section that we must register separately for each country (which I did months ago). BUT I don’t see how I would input the API, Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for each country / store. The plugin seems to only allow input of one country’s information.

    How do I proceed to include all 6 stores?

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    I was able to resolve this problem with the kind help of another user. He reached out to me via Twitter to ask if I needed help. And then was patient as we worked through it. I’m so grateful!

    Basically, you have to enter your access key ID and Secret Access Key one single time. You then enter the information for the associate ID, Default Associate ID, Default Marketplace and Default Template. For instance, I input all my information for the US account. You then save this information.

    Next you go back to Associate ID and press return below the id you just input and you then input the Associate ID for your next Amazon Associate account you want to include in this plugin. You then click on that id as it appears un the Default Associate ID, select the appropriate country for that id as the Marketplace and choose your Default Template. You then save this information.

    You continue in this way for all your accounts. I have 6 Amazon country associate accounts. I therefore have a list of 6 Associate IDs and Default Associate ID.

    When you create an ad, you have to be careful that all your information aligns. For instance, you have to check that your associate id included in the ad matches the marketplace that you want the ad for.

    Hope this helps someone. Good luck!

    I was exactly looking for this information. I hope in the future release they will make this step easier.
    Thank you for this solution.

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    @belgian-foodie Thanks for info!

    Suppose i want ONE ad to appear in every country.
    So I register as an associate in each country, and log my associate ID for each country and set the marketplaces….

    If I have 6 countries, do I need a separate shortcode for each of the 6 countries? Does the shortcode only display if the user is in that country?

    How do I handle countries not listed? Even if there is no associate account available, I need my site users to find our textbook.


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    @isaaa Yes, my understanding is that you must put in the shortcodes for all 6 countries.

    There may be geolocation software that will bring the reader to the right code (show the right code when the reader comes to your page based on their location) but you’d have to look into this and share the result. I looked at Amazon Link Engine by GeoRiots Network and am not sure if it helps with this problem. You might want to check them out. To use their plugin however you must pay a monthly fee.

    If your readers outside of your 6 countries purchase your product (text book), you will still still earn a commission if they go through one of your 6 Amazon country stores AND get there by following one of your ad links. This means if your shortcode they click is for Amazon US and they buy it from Amazon UK, you will not get your commission (my understanding). You will however sell your text book if this is your own content you are trying to sell.

    Likewise, if your readers outsider of your 6 countries purchase your product from an Amazon country store where you are not affiliated, you will not earn any commission.

    My understanding is that the ad link must match the Amazon store from where the customer purchases your product. Otherwise, you earn nothing.

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