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[Resolved] Multiple sticky elements

  • Hi, how can I enable multiple sticky elements in my page? I want it to stick only on the side of the post (in the blog page) , but all the elements are called the same so when I scroll every element in the page, goes to the top, is it possible to enable the element only to work inside a div and not a page?



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  • Plugin Author Youdaman


    Hi, the current version of Sticky Element really only works with unique elements for both the sticky and push elements. In a future version I’m considering adding multiple elements. For now you can really only make one element sticky, and you’ll need to give it a unique name. If there are multiple elements you want to make sticky and they’re next to each other, perhaps you could name their container element something unique and use that.


    If you might still be accepting second votes, we would really value the ability to leverage the sticky factor on multiple div elements!

    Right now we’re testing the plugin on a site where we are attempting to use this for conversion elements like buttons, but we can only target one button out of many due to the individual single div selector method.


    Plugin Author Youdaman


    Thanks sethbutler, I’ve just added it to my todo list for the plugin 🙂

    Is there any hope that the option for multiple sticky elements will be available soon?

    Plugin Author Youdaman


    Hi s2am,

    I might add it to the premium version when time permits. It’s on the todo list but I’ve been too busy with work to add this feature 🙂


    Plugin Author Youdaman


    Marking as resolved.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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