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  • Hi,
    I have two websites and I would like to add social media icons. On the first, I used the Floating Social Media Icon plugin, set it to manual, to give me this:

    Question 1: Is there a way to align these to the left?

    Question 2: On my second website, I have two contacts who I want to provide the same LinkedIn and Twitter icons for:

    However, I cannot seem to find a plugin that allows for multiple links. Can anyone help me figure out a way to add LinkedIn and Twitter info for BOTH of the contacts listed?


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  • Find:

    <div id="short_code_si_icon" style="text-align:center;" class="acx_fsmi_float_fix scid-1">

    Replace with:

    <div id="short_code_si_icon" class="acx_fsmi_float_fix scid-1">

    Thanks: Would this fix the alignment? I’m trying to find that in the files.

    I haven’t located it yet, but I did see this:

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    min-width: 142px;
    #divBottomRight img, #acurax_si_simple img, #short_code_si_icon img
    #divBottomRight img:hover, #acurax_si_simple img:hover, #short_code_si_icon img:hover

    Would I be able to alter this to change alignment?

    The center alignment occurs because of inline style definition, that would override whatever is in the CSS file.

    So you have to find the text, and remove the inline style definition.

    If you want someone else to figure this out for you, please go ahead and post a job:

    Add the following code to the end of your style.css of theme, Apperance >> Editor

    #content #short_code_si_icon
        text-align:left !important;

    Hope This Issue has been resolved. We already responded you via email for the same question.

    Thanks for being with us.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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