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  • Hello, I’m currently in the middle of setting up wordpress on hostgator. I currently have several sites, that I setup and developed on localhost (WAMPserver). For these sites, I created a mysql database for each site, but I noticed that it did allow me to use one wordpress database for multiple sites.

    Now that I’m configuring hostgator, I’m at a loss for whether I should set them up with their own wordpress mysql databases, or individually… what are the differences in regards of security, usability, etc? I’m not even sure why I chose the way I did the first time around lol!

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  • I can only offer the one reason that sees me always have a separate database for each WordPress installation: simplicity of backup, restoration, cloning and moving the site.

    I’ve never verified this with database experts, but I strongly suspect that you should get better performance because you have less usage and smaller size for each database than one larger database with more usage.

    The size of the database will hav every little effect on performance in a case like this. It’s only when you get up into some more data-heavy applications that you are going to be concerned about something like this.

    In your case I’d recommend seperate databases. As jonradio has said it’s easier to clone and backup these databases, but another big consideration is that if something happens to one site and the database is compromised or the database tables crash then it doesn’t affect any other site. If you use a shared database there’s a higher chance that something that affects one site will afect them all.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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