[resolved] Multiple sites with multiple domains of the format domain.xx/name? (3 posts)

  1. Jeremy Herve
    Posted 5 years ago #


    I would have a few questions regarding multisite possibilities while using sub-domain multisite and Donncha's domain mapping plugin.

    - What I would like to do is as follows:

    • Create a network of sites with new sites in subdomains of the first one. As far as I understand, the install *has to be* on the root of that main site.
    • Map these subdomains thanks to the domain mapping plugin.

    - Until here, I think it is quite fine. But I would like the sites to be of the following structure:

    1. domain.com/unique-name/
    2. domain.es/another-name/
    3. ...

    Is that possible?

    Thank you for your help!!

  2. No. You can't map folder names.

    This isn't a limitation of the plugin or of wordpress - you can't even do this on Blogger.

    You can map domain.com and make a page or category called /whatever/. But you can't have domain.com elsewhere and map domain.com/whatever/ over in your install.

  3. Jeremy Herve
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Ok, thank you Andrea! (somehow I knew you'd be the one who would answer to my question :) )

    I will have to use separated instances then.

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