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  • I have a synology NAS ds411+.
    Wordpress is installed as a package. I have a directory called web and in there is a wordpress directory and phpadmin directory.

    When I run wordpress my dashboard comes up and lets me create my blog which is accessible from outside.

    I want to create a new site with wordpress but now am not sure how to get a new install of wordpress into the directory of the new website.

    I created a directory called Doverkey and this is linked to the virtual host.

    As I understand it the wordpress install is the master wordpress but now lost from that point on.

    I have looked in faq both on synology and wordpress sites but no nearer to solving this.

    help would be appreciated

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  • I have the exact same need and question as the original poster’s. Can someone share any ideas as to how to solve this please. Thanks


    It was easy not as hard as I thought.

    I assume you have one site on your synology NAS that you created with the wordpress package (the synology package).

    Make a folder to the site in web ( web/yoursite )directory and point the virtual host entry to that folder.

    Then download the latest wordpress from this site.

    Unzip the wordpress folder that you downloaded from here into the web/yoursite.

    Then Create in php admin the database. This process is well documented on this site.

    Then it will work.

    Of course you need to get your url to point to the synology too.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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