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  • I realize this has been covered as a part of larger discussions on entire database sharing, but I am a complete idiot when it comes to programming and I need someone to clearly walk me through some steps.

    I have a WordPress site with about 300 users. I am about to launch another 3-6 WordPress sites, with unique content, but I want them all to share the same user database. This way people won’t have to create new accounts.

    I realize I need to establish these new sites in the same database as the existing site, and make it so they all reference the same users table. Can someone please walk me through this process? I would be so grateful.


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  • RE: Sharing cookies across multiple sites. This can be accomplished by editing wp_settings.php
    $cookiehash = md5(get_settings(‘siteurl’));
    $cookiehash = md5(‘put something consistent across all your sites here’);

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