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    Hi , I’m interested to know if I can save the Backups of different sites in the same folder of my Google Drive (named by default “UpdraftPlus”) without the risk of overwritting or any trouble.
    I use the free version of Updraft Plus.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Though the backups won’t overwrite, but it will show backups of all the websites inside UpdraftPlus UI.

    The backup set consists of a number of .zip and .gz files. These will all be identified by the same timestamp, site name and random character string. The naming scheme is as follows:

    backup_<YEAR>_<MONTH>_<DAY>-<TIME>_<Site Name>_<12 random characters>-<Section of the backup>.[zip/gz]


    So when you restore the backup from UpdraftPlus > Restore, It will identify the nonce and restore the exact backup associated with the site.


    Oh, thank you so much for this fast answer and detailed support! I don’t have any doubts left.

    Great plugin and support!


    Since they aren’t identified by site on the backup/restore page, this is confusing if I click on “rescan remote storage”. It picked up more than I thought, I didn’t realize the extras were for 2 other sites I had set up on the same googledrive, deleted them, then going back to googledrive saw they were gone. If there’s no way around this, I will create different destinations for each site.




    I’ve scanned the remote storage (google drive) as well and noticed the same “issue”.
    Now I’m seeing all the backups, even those from other sites.
    How can I go back to only seeing the relevant backups for this particular site?

    It only gives the option of restoring or deleting the other backups, both of which I don’t want to do.

    P.S.: out of curiosity: what would happen if I actually clicked on “restore” for one of those backups that I’m seeing but which actually belongs to a completely different site?
    Would I overwrite my site with the contents of that other site?
    Or is there some sort of fail-safe mechanism in place, where updraftplus warns me that this backup belongs to a different site?

    Thank you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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