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Multiple Sites – Different subfolders and domains

  • nickgassmann


    Please feel free to move this if I posted in the wrong forum.

    So we had a news site that was chugging along, upgraded to WP3 and yay! everything worked.

    Now we want to take advantage of the multi site functionality and build a new “sister” news site.

    Here’s the current setup (we maintain the DNS internally but our webhost is on an external/3rd party server).

    So on the hosting site we have:


    The domains are


    everything resolves and works.

    Now we were told by WP since we had an already populated WP database we could not do the subfolder setup for the “sub sites”, which was OK with us since we wanted to maintain a list of subdomains.

    However, I’m not sure why WordPress is having trouble installing itself on sisternews.oursite.org ( http://www.hosting.com/sistersite ).

    Are we doing something that is not possible?

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