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  • Hello, pardon if this was posted here before. My connection is a bit slow and my keywording is worst! Any, i have a few question.

    I just installed WPMU on one of our domains ie:
    I used subdomains for the network sites ie:
    First it wasn’t working then my host set the wildcard.

    Now my problem is setting up a different subdomain that isn’t wpmu related. Is this possible? I made a subdomain using my host cpanel. When checking the url in the browser i always get wordpress page from it. Is there a code or something to exclude this domains from wpmu?

    Thank you very much

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  • Hey

    It took me a little playing around with it to be 100% sure I was right, but yes you can definitely do what you are trying to accomplish. You will need to go to the Network Admin settings of your WordPress Multisite install and navigate to where it says:

    “Banned Names”
    Users are not allowed to register these sites. Separate names by spaces.

    Here is where you want to list the subdomains that you do NOT want to use for this WordPress install. Example, if you wanted to not be associated with this WordPress install, you would enter in just the word “email” in the space provided.

    Then of course you would want to go to your DNS provider settings and ensure you create a separate record for the subdomain to point to the IP address of your host or whatever it is your host requires to get things up and running for you on a subdomain.

    Wow! never thought this was possible! I thought i have to mess around with .htaccess and stuff!

    I Banned the subdomain i want to use seperately with wpmu. I’m still waiting for it to work since i just fixed the settings and setup the A records. I will update this thread once it worked!

    Thanks Mike!

    Awesome. It should work as I tested it with my own Multisite network and banned a particular subdomain and was able to install a separate instance of WordPress on it. Good luck!

    Thank you Mike! I’m waiting it to work with the A records i set up in my hosting panel. Will wait until tomorrow! 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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