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  • I want to develop multiple site at the same time on my dev. system. When I setup multi-site and add a new site, the site appear when I show “all sites” . However finding the files for that site is what seems to be difficult.

    I can’t find site2 files as a separate directory like I would expect. I installed and updated the .htaccess and wpconfig.php files for multi-directory.

    Is this a setup problem or is the second site some sort of permalink??

    Can you help??


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  • You’re almost doing it the right way, but I’d suggest not using multisite for what you are doing. The main reason behind that is that multisite does a few things just differently enough to be an issue when you are trying to extract a site from it (like where the sites media files are uploaded to).

    I’d suggest keeping your development istes as seperate installations in their own directories. Not only will this mean that everything is seperate, so no one site can interact with another site in any way, but it will make migration a whole lot easier because you know that what’s in that folder is what’s needed for the actual live site. There’s no guessing, no moving files and no worries about missing something or having something that that’s not supposed to be there.

    It is the way multisite works: it does not generate a new filesystem for each site, but a new set of data model on database. So, you have a unique wordpress filesystem and different set of tables for each site.

    To start, read the official documentation about first steps:

    So what does it mean then when creating a Setup with subfolders??

    A multi-site sdet up with sub-folders does not use actual sub-folders. It’s a .htaccess and mod-rewrite “trick” on the main domain that uses the sub-folder name to tell the multi-site processing system which site it’s supposed to be viewing at the time. It does not generate any sub-folders, it does not generate any other files. The only thing it does is set up the .htaccess redirections rules and add an extra set of tables to the database. That’s why it’s not an easy thing to extract a single site from a multi-site system unless you really know what you are doing.

    Thanks Everyone

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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