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  • My web client’s Woocommerce store sells the same 15 products to everyone, but has different prices based on the particular venue where the clients will utilize the products. I know I can utilize the category tags to tag each venue with its own name, and then populate a shop page showing only the products with that tag.

    Is there a way to pass a category tag as a variable so that if customer #1 is shopping for venue A, and customer #2 is shopping for venue B, when they get to the cart page and then click “continue shopping,” I need to send back customer #1 to the venue A price list and customer #2 back to the venue B price list. Is this possible?

    At times there might be 6 or 7 venues with price lists/shopping carts needed at the same time, and it seems a bit unwieldy to create a separate WordPress install with Woocommerce for each venue …?

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