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  • I manage or work in over a hundred WordPress sites on various servers and several hosts

    Today, ALL DAY I seem to be having problems with an incredibly slow admin panel on multiple servers, multiple WP versions, multiple webhosts, but only with SOME of the blogs.

    My own server has about 40, spread out over five or six user accounts.

    Some admin sections are totally fine within the same user accounts, and some are incredibly slow.

    I’m on shared hosting, and with linux2, 3, 4, etc there’s no consistent “thing” I can pinpoint, and server admins bugged all day claim all is well, and “It must be a WordPress thing”.

    Finally I did an upgrade on an older version 2.13, thinking that perhaps that would help, but it did not.

    I’ve been to WordPress.prg, and found nothing there related to anything “today” and never a multiple server issue.

    I guess I’m not really looking for an answer here, (unless someone has one) I’m looking to see if anyone else is experiencing this problem?

    I suppose this could all be my imagination and tomorrow it will all be fine, but these sites are taking 3 t o4 minutes to hop around each admin menu page.

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