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  • I am using a twenty thirteen child theme.

    I would like to create a header that includes one static image (the logo) and 3 or so rotating images that change on reload. I know how to make the entire header change on reload, and I know how to include more than one rotating image within the body of a page. However, I cannot figure out how to include more than one image in the header, let alone more than one rotating image.

    If all else fails, I could theoretically edit the static image and several of the other images together into a number of single graphics that would rotate using twenty thirteen’s built in header randomization, but that would be much more difficult for the client to manage once the site is turned over.

    Is there any way to make this happen?

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  • To clarify, the requested solution would display a row of 4 images in a row. From left to right, the first image would be static and would display on every page load, and the second, third, and fourth images would rotate on reload.

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