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    Hi. I can’t find any tutorial how to set multiple resolution switcher. I have same video already encoded in 3 resolutions and want to have it in one player similar to youtube. Please help. Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    From the plugin’s main page:

    “If you want to make OGV, WEBM, or H.264 files available and can’t use the FFMPEG encode button, you can upload your own files to the same directory as the original and the plugin will automatically find them. For example, if your main file is awesomevid.mp4, the plugin will look for awesomevid-1080.mp4, awesomevid-720.mp4, awesomevid-360.mp4, awesomevid.webm, awesomevid-vp9.webm, awesomevid.ogv, and awesomevid-custom.mp4 as well. If your videos don’t conform to that naming structure, you can manually assign them from the media library.”

    Let me know if you need any more specific help. And keep in mind the plugin does not work with the new Gutenberg Block Editor. You need to use the Classic Editor.

    Wow that is amazing, thank you. I will try it now. Please tell me do you have plan to implement quality switcher in player? Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    Yes, the quality switcher should turn on automatically if you have multiple resolutions available.


    My main video is video-720.mpg and 2 additional are video-360.mpg and video-144.mpg. I am testing on localhost in Chrome Inspector. When in mobile device mode, I choose Galaxy S5, it is 640×360 and when refresh page player does not change title on its top from video-720 to video-360. What I am doing wrong?

    Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    The main video should be called just video.mp4 instead of video-720.mp4
    144 is not a resolution supported by my plugin. Try video-custom.mp4 instead.
    Also .mpg is generally not a web-compatible file format so you might have trouble if your video files are .mpg

    For an example of how this should look take a look at any of the self-hosted videos on my website like the first one on this page

    OK now I get switcher with two resolutions 720 and 360. That is great enough but I am wondering why it don’t choose lower resolution automatically?
    Also, how to assign additional video manually from media library?

    BTW this is amazing video player, I can’t believe how good it is!

    Thank you for helping me!

    Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    You can set the plugin to default to the lowest resolution if you don’t want it to be automatically selected by changing the “Default playback resolution” setting in the “Automatically adjust videos” section of the plugin settings page. If you prefer to keep automatic resolution selection active but make it more likely for mobile devices to switch to lower resolutions, disable “Use display pixel ratio for resolution calculation” in that same section. Since modern mobile devices are actually really high resolution the plugin will usually select a high resolution on mobile devices based on the math unless you override it with that setting.

    To manually assign additional formats to a video, open up your main video in the Media Library. Near the bottom of the sidebar on the right you should see “Additional Formats” and a list of additional formats you can assign. Click on “Choose from Library” to assign any already-uploaded video you want.

    Disabling “Use display pixel ratio for resolution calculation” do the job, thank you so much!
    I have one more question, is it possible to play RTMP stream from Wowza server?

    Plugin Author Kyle Gilman


    There is a plugin that modifies my plugin to allow streaming from a Wowza server here It was developed by someone else independently. I don’t know anything about how it works.

    Thank you soooo much for everything! You are so kind!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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