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  • Hi,

    I’m currently working on a wordpress site where we’re gonna have some microsites for our dealers/retailers. These microsite will show the retailers logo, contact information and a contact form.

    For this contact form I’ve used the plugin Contact form 7. Here I can just chose one recipient in the admin and I need to have a different recipient for each retailer. Is there some way to work around this? Or is there any other plugin that I can use?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • we need to beg the developer of contact form 7 to make a feild specifically for additional emails. i’ve been going through the support forum for about two hours and haveyet to see a solution that works.

    sure you can send blind carbon copies to one other person using the mail 2 option but that is not the working answer

    i have 4 different depearments for the email to go to

    however set them up as the directions iv’e found here state and one person who gets an email is the owner of the form.

    i don’t need to read or want to read the junk that gets submitted tot he editor
    or to the social media junkie
    ot to the other departmetns

    it’s a pain in the arse.

    also if anyone finds a working solution for this please contact me

    via this forum, thanks.

    i just killed another server. aparently they can not handle 3gb in traffic at once or handle errors.

    Jake Love


    we need to beg the developer of contact form 7 to make a feild specifically for additional

    This is not the right forum for that – please post any CF7 questions on the sub-forum for that plugin –

    lol thank you.

    btw, figured it out. 🙂

    i guess i can close this.

    thanks for correcting me. 🙂

    [contact form 1]
    Edit > Generate Tag >Drop-down menu>

    ID>Select Recipient


    The Cat|thecat@kitten.meow
    the dog|woofers@woofsandlicks.woof
    The fish|

    Seperate choices with a hard return

    copy code and paste

    [select menu-627 id:SelecrRecipient "The Cat|thecat@kitten.meow" "the dog|woofers@woofsandlicks.woof" "The fish|" "me|"]

    paste into the little box called form (left hand side all the way at the top.

    then copy


    paste [menu-627] into the


    save menu.
    good to go.
    Thank You.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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