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  • 1) I added a new link and typed out a description (default link description field, not this plugin’s description field) and noticed it trimmed the description to 255 characters. Is this default WP behavior? (I didn’t appreciate the surprise.)

    2) I noticed that a href code in description worked, but not in this plugin’s description field. Instead, I found out I had to check the “convert [] to <>” box and input all the links that way. I understand escaping HTML for security’s sake, but why not just whitelist some code like a href, like blog comments do? Converting [] to <> doesn’t add security if [script] tags or whatever else could still be entered by a bad person. Plus, there’s no security threat to a href or br tags.
    Plus, if I have a single link in multiple libraries, I’d need to check that box for all libraries it’s in, otherwise it’ll look like gobblygook on the front-end in the libraries without that box checked… so might as well check that box on all libraries… so might as well not have the box… so might as well not have to input [] instead of <>.

    2.5) I input my links manually (with [] instead of <>) and noticed the quotes were escaped too (from " to &quot;), but on the front-end, Chrome Inspector shows me the link shows up with double-double quotes: <a href=""http://"">text</a>
    So I changed all &quot; to ' and, upon saving, the single quotes were converted to ' and, on the front-end, it displays as "' (double-single) instead of "" (double-double) now. So still not good.
    Although I was hesitant, I tried [a href=http://.com/]text[/a] and was pleased to find that it worked. However, I’m wondering why it was setup this way and is there documentation that covers this that I missed?
    I haven’t tested receiving links from others, but I’m concerned how the data will be received if there are links in the description/notes of submissions.

    3) I didn’t look at the code, but why doesn’t wpautop work in this plugin’s link description field (i.e insert line breaks)? Along those lines, can you change it to be a TinyMCE input?

    4) In all this testing — re-saving a single link multiple times after each change — I noticed that the ‘nofollow’ text started showing up multiple times: screenshot:
    … edited the other link (maybe for the 3rd time) and now see a 2nd ‘nofollow’:
    Have you encountered this before?

    5) Is there a way to hide the default link description metabox ( )? It doesn’t show up as a checkbox in “Screen Options” and isn’t able to be dragged further down the page (not draggable at all). I think that’d be a cool checkbox option in the general settings of your plugin.

    6) If I change the settings so all links in the library are nofollow, can you also add a setting so that all manually-created links (e.g. description text, notes text) are auto-nofollow as well?

    Thank you for this plugin and for the support.

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