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    hi first of all thanks for the work you have done, secondary appreciate the add-ons folder.

    1- when an order is placed the order page is not showing up instead it gives out the hello world post.

    2- when using qtranslate items from the chart are delated it shows up the quick tags [:en] of the 2 different languages and the corresponding content i am using for testing instead of the only language required content .

    3- pushing the back button gives out some problem with the order if they have been changed meanwhile but i will keep updated about this if necessary.

    4-which is the best framework/ theme compatible? just in case to avoid conflicts


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  • ok first question forget it i tried to refresh pages and it did not work untill i posted , now it is fine

    it remains that if u hit back button on order page remains the order but on the our menu page the cart tells that is empty but if you add another item after on order page you have the one you choosed before plus the new one

    and yes the qtranslate problem remains

    Plugin Author ollybach


    a: dont put your cart on the order page. it doesnt belong there

    b: i have no idea about qTranslate . not really my issue or problem to be honest

    c: themes. there are thousands . try them and see if they work for you.
    there’s no BEST theme some work better than others. always depends on what you want to do (i have by now though seen – at least – 50 different themes in real live installations where it works just fine plus all the demos here

    Plugin Author ollybach


    PS an idea/hint: in case you are using one – turn off any caching plugins while you are testing things or at least use the “i am using a caching plugin” in wpppizza settings.

    Plugin Author ollybach


    PPS: regarding qTranslate. I have no idea if this will work with qTranslate (and have no intention of finding out)

    regarding multi language (apart from having whatever language you want a s a main language of course) this plugin supports WPML .

    If there are bugs/problems with a WPML integration I shall see if they are problems with WPML or wppizza anything else regarding multilinguality you are on your own I’m afraid

    thanks for the quick reply, as I said before i am testing out things, but the issue that comes out when i try to change the “food i want” and i go forward and after i fake to be not sure about the food and i go back and i find the cart empty so i do add the right food and i found again the previous one together with the right one to order it is done also when there is no cart in the order page.

    no i have zero caching system yet just a fresh wp install and your plugin

    about qtranslate do not mind, i use that cause 99% of the time solves the multilanguage problems quickly + some more reasons but so far of course is not your problem, but of course i had to ask you cause might be you had a look before.

    ps: before to bother you with questions I read all the documentation.

    pps: if it is only me with the back button + items cart problem ( not the q translate one, that i am quite sure i must check out some subroutines) might be i must first try out different combos before to worry to ask again or try to figure out by myself 🙂

    anyway thanks 🙂


    so actually the problem is :

    1- food have been choosen -> go to order page
    2- changed mind -> push back button
    3- chart instead to keep on screen the ordered food so i can remove it shows that is empy even if it is not

    4- previous selected food comes out when another food’s chosen.

    any idea about this?

    when i hit refresh after i’ve got back to the cart page it shows up .

    Plugin Author ollybach


    do you have a link ?
    it’s all a bit abstract really without it

    all in local, but i can prt sc and send it to you.

    Plugin Author ollybach


    sorry screenshots wont really help, i need to see the actual functionality
    (and source)

    ok i keep u updated so .

    Plugin Author ollybach



    ok a little clue it is nothing important,just not working with my chrome, tested on firefox and it is working fine.

    Plugin Author ollybach


    ok (although I do actually develop on/with chrome first and foremost and then tweak for all others if necessary)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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