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    Hi! I installed the Blossom Travel theme a while ago and I am very happy with it, but I have a few questions :

    1. How can I remove the small autor image on the left of each blog, without removing it on the bottom of each blog as well? I only want to show it on the right side in the “zijbalk” widgets. Now the actual blog text is very slim.
    2. How can I remove the text “Blossom Travel | Ontwikkeld doorBlossom Thema’s.Mogelijk gemaakt door WordPress ” in the footer ?
    3. How can i set up the newsletter widget if I was using WP Mail SMTP Lite > sendinblue before?
    4. Is it possible to remove the link from the title and subtitle on the homepage without removing the text?

    Thank you!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Hi @reiswijven,

    We are happy to know that you are loving the theme. Please refer to the answers below:

    1. I checked your site and I didn’t find the Author image so I guess you have figured it out to disable it.

    2. In the free version, you can edit the copyright partially. For full copyright option, you can upgrade to the Pro version or purchase our Footer copyright removal plugin. You can check our website.

    3. Our newsletter plugin doesn’t support Sendinblue. We will consider it in future integration. For now, you can use their official plugin.

    4. Can you please share the screenshot of the part you are referring to?

    Thank you.

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    Thanks a lot for your quick and useful reply!
    About question number 4, I am not sure how to add a screenshot but I am referring to the homepage. Now you see the title “Reiswijven” and subtitle “Reistips voor en door Nederlandse reiswijven”. I would like both titles to stay there in the same way, but I dont need them to link to another page. When I remove the link, the subtitle also disappears. Is it possible to change this?

    Also I have one more question: when going down on my homepage, you can see this section called “Samenwerkingen”. I used the widget “Gallary” for this because I need 3 or 4 items in a row. Only i want those pictures to link to a specific page or blog, but now on my own website. I tried all widgets but I am not able to find one where I can add multiple items in a row, and also link them to those websites. Do you have any advice how to do this?

    Thanks again!

    Hi @reiswijven,

    Yes, you can achieve that. Please add the below code in Additional CSS via Appearance > Customize.

    .banner-caption a{
        pointer-events: none;

    For adding Gallery, you can use any Gallery plugin that generates a shortcode. Then using HTML widget, you can add the shortcode to display the gallery. If you use gallery plugin, you will have more customization options.

    If you face any issues or have questions, do let me know.

    Further, you can also contact our team of experts here for quick assistance.

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    Thanks again for helping me out!

    I have another question:
    Now I was able to remove the small author picture on the left of each blog, I would like the bigger author info/picture underneath each blog to link to the specific authors page. I have 6 authors for my website so each picture needs to link to another page. How can I do this?

    Hi @reiswijven,

    It is our pleasure to assist you.

    The author section will display below each post if the post author has added their profile description.

    Please note that only one author profile with display per post.

    If you face any issues, kindly let us know. You can also contact our support team here.

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    Thank you! But what I mean: before with the small author icon, if you clicked on the picture you were linked to the authors page. I would like the picture on the authors info below each blog to do the same.

    For example: my personal authors page is:
    Here you see all blogs I wrote.

    And same for all 5 other authors of my website.

    Hi @reiswijven,

    Unfortunately, it can be done but we will surely consider it in the future update.

    For an immediate solution, you can add the link in the description as shown in this screenshot –

    So for Marcella, the syntax will be: <a href="">See all Posts</a>

    We hope this helps. If you have any questions, kindly let us know.

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    Hi! So I managed to do it by using the Plugin “Custom Gallary Links”, this works fine now!

    I also have a question about this other plugin I want to use called “Post Views for Jetpack”. (

    I need to add this shortcode : <?php echo do_shortcode( ‘[jp_post_view]’ ); ?> in my theme files so the amount of views will be displayed on each post, but I don’t know where exactly to add this shortcode. Can you tell me this?

    Also I would like the number of views to be shown on the exact place where it now says ” Number of comments” . Is it possible to change this?

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    Oh and also I would like to know if the section/Widget “Popular Post” could also show the top 5 of last month instead of all time which it seems to be showing now?

    Hi @reiswijven.

    You can add the shortcode [jp_post_view] using the shortcode block at the beginning of your post to display the post views for your posts.

    Unfortunately, you cannot use it in the meta without modifying the code. If you want to, you can create a child theme and modify the theme as you need.

    The Popular Post widget will display popular posts of all time. There is no settings to specify the time period.

    Do let us know if you have any other questions.

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    Hi, Yes but I dont want to add the shortcode to each post manually, so the Plugin’s advice is to add it somewhere in my theme files. What do you mean by creating a child theme? Can’t I just add it in the theme codes somewhere?

    Also I want the number of views to be shown on the exact place where it now says ”Number of comments” . Is it possible to change this?

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    I already managed to do it, thanks for helping anyway!

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