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    I want to set up a form to take order of a product but before payment let the user paginate to another product(s) and do the same before they make their payment as a final step. Like a cart I ‘spose, they can fill the form of each product and review a summary of them all before adding their shipping info and paying.

    Each product would use the same form design, same fields etc

    Is this doable?


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    Hello @ratamatcat ,

    Do you need separate forms for the ordering products and then one global payment for every one of those forms?
    In Forminator it’s not really possible outside of the box.
    All the products would need to be inside the one form and then at the end of it there would be a payment.
    You can divide the form into pages and on each page put fields for the product. There is a pagination element:

    You can use then calculations to calculate the sum of the order and use that in the payment element.

    kind regards,

    hi Kasia,

    yes one form, divided. Simple the better!

    I’ve read and understand some more now. What you have said is exactly my thinking at the moment. I briefly explain the outline of my plan, some I will have to customise..

    Once user browses my image gallery of work and selects a bunch of images, then they want to order a print for them

    They proceed and then all images are added into 1 forminator form (divided into a page per image as you say). Each page the same layout of fields


    1) is the validation done at each page before they can move to the next page, or at the end?

    2) Is there a payment sub total on each page which can be added together and displayed on the end payment page? This is preferred so they can see value of each page/item before they paginate

    3) Can a user repeat a page so they can get another different product of the same, i.e. click a button like next button which duplicates the page and its fields and paginates them to it?

    4) Conversely if user decide not to want a page can they delete it which would remove the current page and paginate them to the next page?

    5) Can it save each page and display a summary for each page/item at the end. Or is user required to paginate back through to see what they have entered before?

    I would like to use forminator to replace my shopping cart as I believe I don’t need all the bells and whistles of a cart (not to mentioned clunkiness) if you think forminator is a solid solution for my plan.

    if any of the above queries are not included, I would gladly have customised, as I like the looks of forminator already. These items are basically harmonious with the single form w/ pagination model but adding some functionality


    Plugin Support Kasia – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @ratamatcat ,

    Once user browses my image gallery of work and selects a bunch of images, then they want to order a print for them

    They proceed and then all images are added into 1 forminator form

    That is how shopping cart behaves – it’s not possible with Forminator to create a cart like that. I mean, with Forminator you can’t select something outside the form and then add dynamically those items to the form and form would be different depending on what was selected in your gallery.

    You would need to create a full form that would contain each of the items and then the user would be selecting if they want to purchase the item in the form. And then based on the selection made, the calculation would calculate the sum and it would be used in the payment module.

    But the main thing is that the selection of items to purchase has to be done in the form itself, not outside.
    Would that work for you?

    kind regards,

    hey Kasia,

    I didn’t think Forminator would have this ability out of the box.

    But can’t I get a developer to create this. I just need to know if it’s doable.

    I could have them customise an ‘Add’ button into the lightbox for each image in a WordPress [gallery]

    A shopping user adds 5 images for example and have what they need

    Then they go to a forminator form I’ve created. This form has 3 stages divided with pagination. The first stage is a product ‘page’ with all the fields laid out how I need them for user to order a single product of the image.

    But the user has 5 different images, so the form customisation would simply grab that first stage and make 5 duplicates of it, with each unique image and name at the top..

    User completes 5 screens of stage 1, then the next 2 static form stages

    I’ll think more about your suggestion, but I think it could be confusing for the user if it’s not a simple ‘single image per screen’ presentation. It’d be better for them to browse my galleries and add images they like, then move to the form and have it all laid out in paginated steps

    Plugin Support Dimitris – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello there @ratamatcat

    This will need some custom development for sure.

    First, should happen in the image gallery as each image should have some “price” value via a data attribute:

    Then you should redirect to a dynamically created form using Forminator’s API:

    As you may understand this would require enough custom work so you may have to consider hiring a developer to build this for you.

    Warm regards,

    Plugin Support Nastia – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello @ratamatcat

    Trust all is well!

    We’ve not heard from you in a while. I’ve marked this ticket as resolved for now, but if you need anything else at all, we’re here for you, please just reopen the ticket or create a new one.

    Have a great day!


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