Support » Fixing WordPress » Multiple problems with 2.6 after upgrade from 2.5.1

  • Upgraded from 2.5.1 recently and have pretty bad problems:

    1) Autosave. Need an option to disable it. It autosaves too often, even if I just saved manually.

    2) A document often gets corrupted. Blocks of document get intermixed with inserted image tags.

    3) I have some custom attributes that have ‘ in their names. Every time the document is saved, WP tries to escape them. So “Maxim’s Rating” becomes “Maxim\’s Rating” after first auto-save, then “Maxim\\\s’ Rating” and gets worse every time it’s re-saved.

    4) Plugin upgrades don’t work. When there’s a new version of plugin, I see the message that says “Download it here” or “Upgrade automatically”. The automatic upgrade link renders nothing. All I get is the menu bar, but the plugin upgrade fails without any messages.

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