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Multiple prices/currency, same language?

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  • Hi there,

    Yes this is possible – with the new WooCommerce 3.0 version & WPML 2.9.3, released yesterday you can set that in WPML->WooCommerce Multilingual in the ‘Manage Currencies’ section (scroll down)

    For more documentation you can look here – http://wpml.org/2013/10/woocommerce-multilingual-3-0-release-candidate/

    Hope that helps




    I want to do the same thing have English only with GBP and USD currency option

    I go here
    WPML->WooCommerce Multilingual in the ‘Manage Currencies’ section (

    then enabled multi-currency and
    then select I will manage the pricing in each currency myself

    Where to you go to manage the currency yourself?
    I went into the woocommerce product itslef – I don’t see a field to enter the price in USD nor do I see this option appearing in the front end shop?

    I am using all the latest plugins 3 from wpml…


    The price itself is added in the original language for the product – in the ‘normal’ WooCommerce edit product page (for the original language)

    Any more issues with this please post a ticket in WPML support forums – http://wpml.org/forums/forum/english-support/


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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