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  1. Farzanmc
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Obviously my question is not new but I didn't really know what to search.
    I want to create a product manager in wordpress. ( do not want to use plugins as I want to create my own custom fields)
    I once used Posts for this purpose and it was very good with all default and my custom fields. But I was limited to just one page and I didn't know what to do for my news and other stuff. Because of the posts page modifications and custom fields for my products I couldn't use the posts page for news and other.
    My question is how can I create a new table in the database and have a menu in the admin page like posts and all it's functionality ? Then I can edit that page for my products without changing the posts page.

  2. PinkishHue
    Posted 3 years ago #

    If I'm understanding the question correctly I think you need to create a custom post type for your products:


    This code generator is very handy if you're new to creating custom post types:


    And I'd make it a plugin instead of adding the code to your theme functions.php file. Here's some info on how to do that:


  3. Farzanmc
    Posted 3 years ago #

    It's like a miracle. :D
    This is exactly what I wanted. I had couple of projects that I needed this very much.
    The website that you mentioned that generates the code was very useful and great. I expected a long code in the end but it was a tiny one.
    Anyway, you rescued me from death. Thank you.
    I think now I can add my custom fields to this post type and go on.
    Thank you thank you thank you

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