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  • Hi. I searched high and low for articles relating to “posts within pages” and found some good ones. I implemented some of the points from those threads but my question was very specific.

    I want the following to be done in my blog (
    1) I am using the Blix theme for my main blog; call it ABC for instance. I want a new section (read ‘Page’), call it XYZ for reference, to be displayed on the main navigation as a button.
    2) On XYZ Page, I would like to have multiple posts similar to the blog and with pagination below. It should also have a sidebar showing recent posts only from XYZ section.
    3) The posts inside the XYZ section SHOULD NOT be displayed on the front page of ABC i.e. main blog. The user can only read those once he enters XYZ.

    This is what I have done so far:
    1) I created a new category called PQR (example) with the ID given as 6. Moreover, I want that the category should not be listed in the sidebar with the others since I want to display it as a completely different section.
    2) I then copied the index.php and renamed it as category-6.php and put it in the theme directory.
    3) I also created a new page calling it XYZ but I have no clue how I will link the category-6.php to the page so as to display the posts there.

    I need your urgent help in this matter and probably more. I am good at cut-paste development (not skilled as the rest) so someone will have to take it patiently.


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  • Would appreciate some replies folks 🙂

    Any clues or links which that people can share with me? I will really appreciate it 🙁

    I got exactly the same problem. Did you find something during the last months ?

    I’ll also try to find a solution…

    Probably, s/he gave up because realized it was the wrong approach.

    There is never “exactly the same” problem.
    Start your own thread and describe what you want to do. Don’t tell us how do you want to – since you don’t know that part anyway. Just explain the desired end-result.

    Sorry to break your illusion that two persons problems can not be identical: I also have the exact same problem as Bhooshan and would like to find out a way to solve this.

    Thanks to Rachel for bringing me back to this post and thanks for showing your interest in this post folks — although it’s an year old now. Nevertheless I would still appreciate some replies on this. Please let me know if my post and the query sounds confusing to you all and specify which portion needs a sound elaboration. I will try my best.

    There is another thread suggesting a possible solution for what you’re looking for.

    I can’t recall a thread but it give this link and I bookmarked it:

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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