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  • Hi, I’m new here and have recently started a culture website,

    My problem is where I have put the pages as kind of menu at the top. I want to put multiple posts per page, whereas now the pages only allow one post each. I understand that they are static pages and are not intended for what I wanted to do.

    I have searched online and found some answers, but nothing definitive. Some people say I should have categories up there instead of pages. I just want it to look how it looks now, just with the ability to put multiple posts per page/category at the top.

    I really need someone to explain it to me in layman’s terms as I am new to all this. If anyone has any simple or step by step answers I would be very grateful and much indebted.

    Thank you

    P.S. please let me know if I haven’t made my problem clear

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  • You can use a custom menu (under Appearance) or the Page Links To plugin to make your page links on the menu point to post categories. You can also write your own php template for each page to make them display the posts that you want there.

    Hi Nicolas,

    By nature if you’ve set the pages as static, it will only serve the content you’ve written into the page. The suggestion of adding categories instead of pages sounds like it’s a good route for you to explore.

    Posts are controlled in the database, therefore only served dynamically. If a page is set to static, it will only display the content you’ve created on that page.

    I hope this helps!

    Tim S

    Not sure what @tim S means by “set the pages as static” but it seems like the question revolves around the fact that the menu coded into your theme displays links to pages, and you would prefer to display links to post categories so that you can have multiple posts on each page.

    Some themes let you choose whether the menu shows page links or category links, so check your theme options under Appearance before you do anything else. If your theme doesn’t offer that option, see my above suggestion.

    p.s. If you know how to write some simple PHP code, another option might be to rewrite the menu code in your theme. There are several ways to solve this. The easiest (without writing any code) would be to see if there is a theme option under Appearance in admin, use a custom menu (also under Appearance), or use the Page Links To plugin.

    Thanks for your replies everyone. Unfortunately I have no idea about code or anything like that as I am not the most computer literate person. However I THINK I have/will resolve the issue by changing all my pages to categories instead. That way whenever I make a post, I’ll just tick the appropriate category it falls under and it will show up there as if I posted within the page/category myself.

    Kind of a roundabout way of doing it I guess, as I won’t actually be accessing the category/page and making new posts within it myself, rather allowing the categorize option to do it for me.

    Thanks for all your help, hopefully this may help others too.

    By default posts will appear in reverse-chronological order (newest first). You can change the date & time of the posts to change the order in which they display. You can also use the “sticky post” feature to keep a post on top. There are lots of options. If you get to the point of knowing how to modify theme files you can make it look any way you want it to.

    That’s good to know also, thanks!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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