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  • I am creating what I think would be described as a ‘magazine style’ WordPress site. I would like the ability to create different types of post for the site. Each post type would have slightly different fields available when creating it.

    For clarity the post types I am looking to build are: –

    News Item

    • Headline image (ideally allowing for brose and upload)
    • Thumb image (ideally allowing for brose and upload)
    • Source (name and URL)

    Review Item

    • Headline image (ideally allowing for brose and upload)
    • Thumb image (ideally allowing for brose and upload)
    • Score out of 10
    • Conclusion (WYSIWYG free text field)
    • Link to more information


    • Headline image (ideally allowing for brose and upload)
    • Thumb image (ideally allowing for brose and upload)
    • Introduction(WYSIWYG free text field)
    • Questions / Answers
    • Summery (WYSIWYG free text field)

    When wordpress loads the post item, I needs to be able to detect the type in the ‘loop’, and in single post display so that relevant CSS formatting can be applied.

    I know I could create custom fields to store this information, however I would like the relevant fields to be available for input when you choose the type of post to create. So that they aren’t forgotten.

    Is this out side the scope of wordpress?

    If anyone knows of a way to create this system with existing plug-ins and functionality that would be excellent.

    If you think this would have to be built be a third party specificity for my site, can anyone advise me on a good development agency.

    I would really appreciate any feedback on this, quite new to wordpress.

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  • Absolutely not outside the scope. I did that for Real Estate with my Great Real Estate plugin. And you’ll find news sites all over using WordPress for that.

    For scalability and search support, you’ll want to use separate database tables.

    There’s a mailing list for development requests… wp-pro

    (I sent you an email)

    You could probably consider using a plugin like More Fields as a base for further extension, otherwise maybe Fresh Post (a bit more buggy but more functionality) might work?

    Thank you both for responding to my post so quickly. I am glad that you feel this can be done in Wordpres.

    I have seen the More Fields plugin, and intend to have a better look at it. However I had not see the Fresh Post plugin and that seems to be a very good fir with what I was looking for, all be it that it is in the early development stage.

    Are there any other plugns that I should consider to achieve what I am after?

    Dose anyone have any experience with Fresh Post?

    Thanks again RogerTheriault, Mosey

    Hopefully someone can come up with an alternative, as I’d definitely be interested in seeing something more robust 🙂 Fresh Post is the closest one so far (it builds on an older plugin called ‘Custom Write Panel’ which I’ve used and really really liked … pity it was never developed further for 2.1+) but More Fields comes quite close. It’s a pity the support and development for Fresh Post is a little unstable (probably due to its early development stage as you’ve said!) but it seems the developer does answer questions on their main info site, and some of the comments there maybe helpful (or give some example of what can be done)



    This issue has once again come up and very much need to find a solution

    I have had a look at Flutter (, and this is very close to what I am looking for but there are a few key issues, there seems to be no managed way to control the content shown or formatting (css) based on type. Also if you edit a post you have to manage the post tpye fields though the custom fields settings. This sound a little petty but I need to give access to this blog to users that won’t understand that they need to manage the editing of a post in a different way to its creation.

    My Questions are: –

    Is there something available that more closely matches my needs?

    Is this a reasonable thing to pay to be developed as a plug-in, or would its implementation fundamental break the core wordpress trunk?

    Any thoughts on this matter would be very much appreciated.



    Hey Neotoxic, I’m looking to use wordpress for something very similiar.

    Its a motorcycle store, and the website will have different categories of content, which will have posts made within them.

    I want the user to be able to select a category, for example “staff”, “racing”, “servicing” for example – and then have a custom sets of information fields for each post.

    For example, the “staff” category, instead of having the default “post title” could have “Name Of staff member”, and “Personal History” and stuff like that.

    I’m gonna trying to figure out a way to have the user select a category, and then be presented with the information feilds ( the form ), to enter in the data.

    Does anyone have any ideas?



    I’m setting up something like this, but using this plugin instead: custom-field-gui

    It’s more bare bones than more fields so the code is pretty easy to hack and add on to. I plan on specifying the type in the url, like this: wp-admin/post-new.php?type=fashion. I’ll hack the plugin to show a specific set of custom fields depending on the value of type, and including a hidden field for type itself for editing and display purposes. Then I’ll just need to setup the templates for each type.

    I plan to add one field type to the existing which would be a drop down with all the file names in the post image library so that after uploading a number of images the user can pick which one goes in which part of the template layout.



    @ekitel: Flutter/Fresh Post was built on custom field GUI/Custom Write Panel, although they’ve taken a slightly different direction and added a lot of (currently untested) functionality apparently.



    is this need any template edits??



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    You can create category templates to show up different and specific custom fields which in turn, you can hard code in your template to call the fields or set up via plugin.

    ekitel and neotoxic_com checkout

    It’s really something special, it automatically generates custom feild write panels, so you don’t have to hard code anything.

    I think I’m going to use this plugin.

    From what I’ve experimented so far, you need to still include the Title field in your post for it to be saved and published correctly, but other than that, it works a great.

    A Bit of CSS to re-arrange the page, and your rocking and rolling.

    I’m going to use meta to store pretty much all the websites information.

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