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    I’d like to have a few different polls on different pages. The problem is, as soon as you take one, the rest show the results too. I’ve messed around with the cookie settings but I’m not sure how to fix this.. Is there a way to save the cookie so it is specific to the poll so users can take any or all of the polls they find on my site?

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    Due to the way the code works, you only can’t have two of the same poll on the same page, but you can have two different polls on the same page.

    I am guessing in your case you are embedding 2 of the same polls on the page, if that is not the case. I tested and it works on my site

    I have a multisite – 6 sites total, setup as I installed the plugin and then activated it within each separate site (so not network activated). I then went into the settings area and created a poll for each of the separate sites. The polls have different titles, and only show within the site they were created in. The problem is if I take one of the polls than navigate to another page/subsite that contains a totally different poll, I see only the results when I never got to actually answer the poll on that page. I turned off logging completely so readers could participate in polls on any of the sites, but if they return to a page with a poll they have already taken, it lets them take it again. If you refresh your test page, you will see that users can retake the poll after they already answered too so you must have logging off as well.

    Plugin Author Lester Chan


    I disable Logging so that I can vote many times since it is a test site.

    I think for your case, it might be a bug on how the plugin handle cookies. Since you are using MS and as a subfolder rather than a subdomain, the cookies set by WP-Polls for subsite1 will conflict with subsite2 because there are on the same domain. How about you logged by IP instead of IP and cookie?

    yea, doesn’t seem to matter how it is logged 🙁

    Plugin Author Lester Chan


    That is weird, do you have the page to that problem? I want to check the ajax request

    Hi Lester,
    I have the same problem!
    I tried the cookie & IP and IP only logging methods.

    When voting the first poll, you can’t vote on any of the others, the Vote button doesn’t do anything.

    This is the URL of the post:

    EDIT: It’s a problem with a custom function. HTMLPurifier breaks the javascript on the button.



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