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    Hey guys ,

    I’m new to wordpress and starting to get the hang off it , slowly

    I’ve currently got a website which uses both HTML/PHP to process login , downloading files and tracks user movements. I’d like to move this sight across to WP and have had varying outcomes using different plugins available.

    Theres 7 php files in the root directory, then ‘ includes ‘ there are an additional 4 php files.

    Can anybody think off any easy solution to incorporating them into WP , or do I need to create a new WP page for each php file ?

    Thanks in adavnce

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  • I’m quite new to WP too and have migrated part of the content of an old SMF forum to WP.

    I’ve got a couple of simple external html-files (non posts/pages) in my wp-content folder, which I often include in posts using the AmberPanther WP Include File plugin. I’ve changed the extension of these files to .php. Perhaps you can try if it works in wp pages for you too? If file paths break, try using full url’s rather then relative paths.

    But, if there’s only 11 external files, why don’t you copy/paste to new pages? I use the Windows Spartan multi-clipboard for copy/paste operations.

    Ok great. I’ll give that a try


    I’ve been able to make it work which is great , however upon login it take me to a new window outside off the WP site.

    <form action=”” method=”post” name=”form_login”>

    I’ve tried ” <form action=”” method=”post” target=”_self” name=”form_login”> ” , it loads in the same window however the WP site then disappears.

    Is there something within the PHP code I need to edit ?


    I’ve solved the issue.

    All good now 🙂

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