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  • I’m taking my comments on one of my sites, static pages, and adding them to my wp 1.2 blog as posts.

    I have one section called Impressions.

    I noticed that the 15 items I’ve copied and pasted so far, are all showing on one page when I click on category Impressions.

    I tried <–next page–> bit, but that breaks up long posts into multiple pages.

    I want each Impressions entry on its own page.

    Is there a way to do this in the edit of each one, or do I use podz’ info on static pages ?

    I can post the url if need be. If my post isn’t clear, just ask and I’ll post the url in this thread.


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  • WP can display only one post per page if that’s what your asking for :

    Try Options > Reading > "Show the last"

    That should do the trick. Note that it will affect all pages of your blog.

    Welll.. I hit on the idea of multiple impressions categories. Impressions, impressions6, etc.

    Works to, of course, it would mean a very large number of categoreies by years’ end.. that would look awful.

    <–more doesn’t do it either.

    Any suggesitions ?


    Hmm. I have 1.2, doesn’t have that option.

    I have 1.2 too.

    It’s the first option on the page.

    It could be set to show the last X days/posts/posts paged.

    I realize I have no idea what this last option (post paged) is…

    All I see on mine is:

    options -> reading -> Front Page: Show the most recent:

    with a blank for an umber, and the option of making it x days/posts/posts/paged.

    I tried 1 posts paged. And it only shows most recent page posted.

    I have no idea how to reach the other posts with that at 1.

    Ok, I see. You’re right, I am working on a localized version of WP and I didn’t exactly use the same words used in the english version. Sorry.

    Once you’ve filled the blank field with a number, as you’ve eperienced it, WP does exactly what’s advertized.

    I have no idea how to reach the other posts with that at 1

    Well, the same goes with any other number you choose.
    You need to have a link to an archive page to reach other posts. Or there are plugins (like the one you’ve tested) that could be used in conjunctions with this setting.

    So, I could add the archive plugin, and archive all but the most recent.

    Then each archived post would be on a page by itself ?

    edit: hmm. All of the posts I made tonight and placed in Impressions category show on one page. All 14 posts.

    I presume thats normal ?

    By the way, have you looked at other solutions mentionned in the past for next/previous links ?

    Yes. But how would that break up 14 posts on one page to 14 pages with one post each page ?

    If you look at ONE category, then WP will display all posts for that category. That is a normal behaviour.

    Plugins often modify WP’s behaviour on the index page only.

    Next/Previous plugin AND setting the number of posts displayed to one per page are solutions that are likely to work for what you’re willing to do.

    okay. I’ll work on it, but I have to go get some sleep for now. First time I ever used a blog and I know nothing about php.

    Thanks for the help.

    Hmm. Where in the index.php page should I insert the function definitions for the custimizable post listings plugin on coffee2code ?

    I have the plugin activated.

    I tried where its shown on that index page… but got a mess. So I took them out.

    Any suggestions ?

    I know nothing about php.


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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