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  • Is there a way to assign pages to multiple page parents? Right now we just duplicate the page under multiple parent pages. However, in search results, a page will come up twice.

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  • Not that I’m aware of. What exactly are you trying to do?

    Can you provide some URL’s as examples.

    I’m looking for this too, is there some “link” plugin for this ?

    well, there sort-of is… if you’re familiar with page templates.

    you can use get_posts to pull your original page, to be displayed on any other page which uses the page template you create.

    this way, your subsequent “copies” of this page will be blank, and won’t turn up in searches… but when viewed, they’ll have the same contents as the original page you created.

    I am looking to see if this is possible as well. I was hoping to have certain sub pages show up under multiple pages in the navigation. For example:

    Sales                         Customer Support
    |-Dealer Locator        |- FAQ
    |-Literature                |- Dealer Locator

    But I don’t want to have to create duplicate pages… Duplicate content is bad, so both of the above links need to link to the same stub.

    Please let me know.


    Same need as jrm213

    I’ve used pages to create menu, and some menu should have same items.

    I’ve been trying “Redirections” plugin but it’s not the way I wish to work with my page management

    Looking for the same solution.

    Any Luck?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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