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  • Thats what I meant by doing it manually. That tag doesn’t really work that well on my blog for some reason either.

    Perhaps I could add some code to my single.php file of my theme to somehow split up each post automatically.

    There are other plugins that automatically add certain things inside posts so I am sure it can be done it’s just a matter of how complicated it is I guess.

    Thanks for your help though.

    Then what’s wrong with the plugin you linked to? It doesn’t work either?
    This support thread may help you with it.

    Samboll, the OP is looking for something that’ll insert the nextpage tags automagically.

    It’s an interesting plugin idea… I’d tackle it, but I always manage to make the split right in between tag pairs which does tragic things to formatting. 😉

    Aleister was taking plugin suggestions recently though.

    Ah…ok I can’t comprehend very well…

    Personally I think it makes much more sense than manually adding page breaks. Firstly because you could have each page break at the same place on all of your posts rather than trying to guess, secondly it’s quicker, and thirdly if you have a blog with tons of posts already it would be nice to be able to add this feature rather than having to go through all existing posts and add page breaks.

    Not no much after so many characters, but after so many words. “Word” in this case being defined ages ago by the publishing industry in order to make author payments more equitable. Say something between 300 to 500 words a page before the break is inserted. With an option to have a page break inserted at an alternate point. Such as at a chapter break or the like.


    This plugin doesn’t work on wp v2.2.2
    Any help?

    Also… I am using the <!–nextpage–> tag, which is cross linking the multiple page to other random posts. Here is an example;

    Thanks for any help

    1st, make sure the wp_link_pages() is in the loop in your template files. It’s missing from a lot of templates. You can choose your own formatting with it. You can find that in the codex if you like.

    2nd, make sure to enter <!–nextag–> in the code view of your entry. In my version at least, entering it in the normal post view breaks them when you save. It turns < and > to lt and gt, basically.

    3rd, I’m currently writing a plugin to do this. I’d like for the post length to be the same on every page. That way you can optimize your sidebar and not waste space. A basic version can be done easily, but it’s not very accurate.

    artjunky: 3rd, I’m currently writing a plugin to do this.

    any progress? 😉

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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