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  • As far as I remember, one of the changes of the new version was to fix multiple sends bug in the previous version.

    Plugin Author bnfw


    There was, which fixed it for a few users however, a very small set of users are still having this problem.

    My recommendation, which seems to work, is to temporarily downgrade to for the time being and re-test.


    Where do I get Do you have a link? Thanks

    Never mind, found the list under “developers”, thx

    Hi, I’m Having the same problem of multiples notifications here.
    Already did the basics tests, and I’m with the last version of Better notifications and WordPress.

    I’m receiving many repeated e-mails, sometimes 3, sometimes 7.

    Do you know if any of these plugins may causing conflicts?

    Accordion Shortcodes

    Advanced Custom Fields

    Advanced Custom Fields: Repeater Field

    All-In-One Intranet


    Contact Form 7

    Better Notifications for WordPress

    Meta Slider

    Postman SMTP

    Test Payment Module for Woocommerce

    Video Thumbnails


    WooCommerce Nested Category Layout

    WP Support Plus Pro


    I’m using notifications to every new post, and every new custom post type named “Treinamento”.
    Sending to roles: Administrator, Editor, Author, Customer and Shop Manager.

    I think the problem of multiple notifications is caused because some Users have multiple roles, but its just an idea.

    What do you think?
    How can you help me?

    Plugin Author bnfw


    Hi amushead,
    That’s an interesting thought – how are you setting users to have multiple roles? I know the Members plugin does it but you don’t appear to have that installed.

    Can you also reply with the following information:

    1. How many people are configured to receive this notification?
    2. Whether they are in the To, CC or BCC fields.
    3. How many average page views your site receives on a day and month.
    4. Are you using any external services like SendGrid to send the notifications?


    HI voltronik,
    Thanks for answer,
    Hi I was installed bbPress who set multiples roles for users, now I completely remove it and removed the roles created by it.

    At te moment I have 129 users configured to receive notifications.
    I have 2 configured notifications:

    1 – Notification every new post.
    2 – notification every new specific custom post type;

    I have set the notifications to send to roles: Administrator, Editor, Author, Customer and Shop Manager.

    I think my avarage page views is about 300 / day. Its an extranet, and need the login to access.

    And I’m not using any external service to send the notifications.


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    Hi ambushed,
    Thanks for your reply.

    Have you tried sending to just a few users and then CC’ing in the rest of the Users / User Roles that you need instead?



    Just ran into this problem with the latest version.

    Sending to 126 users in a custom role of ‘member’ though some may have multiple roles associated to them. Sending via wpMandrill.

    My users received the new blog post notification 8 times.

    Plugin Author bnfw


    Hi nathansmonk,
    Thanks for chiming in.

    Couple of questions:
    1. Are you sure that *every* user out of the 126 received 8-notifications each or did some receive less that others?
    2. What are the maximum number of roles that a user can have on your site?


    1. Whilst I haven’t checked every single user, having checked a handful, the correlation is that they have all received 8 messages. The numbers stated on Mandrill would also suggest that all members were sent the message 8 times. Of course, there is a full log on Mandrill too.

    2. Unlimited.

    Plugin Author bnfw


    Hi Nathan,

    I didn’t explain what I meant in Q2 properly – what I meant to ask was, what is the maximum number of roles a user has on your site typically? E.g. the ‘Subscriber’ role might have 4 roles but the admin has 8, therefore, the admin has the maximum number of roles available on your particular site.

    Generally speaking, no user has more than 2 wp roles, plus one bbPress role, so I would say 3 maximum.


    I downgraded to the version where the issue had been fixed. But never retested due to a live production site. My client don’t want to use the plugin anymore due to its instability. He uses manual mails to send updates :S…. Can’t blame him really. He thinks his company looks amateuristic when multiple same mails are sent to the same user. It happened 3 times already.

    BUT I really hope to stick with the plugin though because it does what it has to except too many duplicate mails are sent.

    I just wonder why the problem reappeared in a recent version and why it’s so difficult to fix since it had been fixed before. It’s clearly a bug in the plugin. Perhaps other factors cause it but those annoyances should be handled in the plugin’s code.

    Please don’t see my post as negative. It’s not meant to. I just want as others it to be sorted out.


    Plugin Author bnfw


    Hi chrbonte,
    Thanks for your message.

    It’s understandable that your client doesn’t want to use BNFW in production.
    The problem has been exceptionally difficult to track down and is only affecting a handful (less than 20 users) out of over 5,000+ active installs of the plugin. I’ve also been limited in time and what I can do lately.

    Historically, BNFW has been a near rock-solid plugin and still has excellent reviews to reflect this so I’m hoping that those that are subscribed to this forum thread will appreciate that whilst also having confidence that it will be fixed just as soon as I work out what it is exactly. I’ve been thoroughly dedicated to providing excellent support and regular releases, whilst paying close attention to usability and stability. I feel this shows and others have said so too but this one issue has been my first real challenge with a fringe case and it’s knocked me back a bit. I’m looking forward to beating it and getting back on track with progress again.

    On the flip-side, as a web designer and front-end developer primarily, I find it strange (and not industry standard practice) that by using WordPress, site admins think that plowing on with testing on a live, production-level website with lots of users and visitors is perfectly acceptable and that everything should work without issue instead of testing in a staging environment first. I wouldn’t dream of doing this to any of my clients so find it confusing that some would do it to their own site, especially when their partial or even whole income relies on it running smoothly. This doesn’t go for everyone of course.

    I’m hoping to have a good bug fix release out in a few weeks and I will be sending out a beta version of the plugin if it’s available before this as soon as I can.


Viewing 15 replies - 46 through 60 (of 64 total)
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