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    We are considering creating many different Networks of sites, using WordPress Multisite.

    One possible implementation would use the Networks for WordPress plugin to enable multiple Networks on a single WordPress install.

    Some benefits of the plugin solution are:
    1) Upgrade only a single instance of WordPress
    2) Single database

    Another option is to have a separate WordPress installation for each Network.

    Some benefits of the separate installation solution are:
    1) Completely separate user base
    2) Completely separate set of themes/plugins

    Our wish list includes:
    1) We prefer that each Network have its own themes and plugins that are not shared with other Networks.
    2) We prefer to keep the users for each Network separate.
    3) Easy setup of new Networks
    4) Easy to upgrade to new versions of WordPress

    Can anyone point me to a site describing other pros and cons that I might not be considering?

    Are there limits to the number of networks that can run in a single WordPress installation?



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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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