Multiple multisites, 1 ip, strange subdomain redirect (7 posts)

  1. ipears
    Posted 2 years ago #


    • 3 multisite installations on 1 ip
    • all installations up to date (core, plugins and themes)
    • all installations more or less identical
    • all installations allow for SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL
    • installations initiated from Installatron
    • 2 installations have no-www, 1 has www

    Problem: on the www domain, any new site created as subdomain, will redirect to one other multisite top domain, rather that the subdomain itself, trying to register a new site on that domain (registration disabled on that multisite installation though).

    Can this be caused by how the multisite installation was initially created in Installatron WITH www? If so, any suggestions how to reverse this without having to make a complete new installation? (alias sites are already up for over a year)

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  3. It sounds like your DNS and/or vhosts are messed up on your server.

    Are the three separate multisites on the same user account?

  4. ipears
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @ipstenu I use 3 different reseller accounts (in order to separate legal entities), so 3 different user accounts. What makes me ponder is that the only specific difference in the setups relates to the wwwdomain settings the multisite installation was created with.

  5. *headscratch* Okay, I do exactly that (2 multisites, 2 reseller accounts).

    This goes back to DNS/Vhosts and parking domains. What kind of panel are you using? cPanel?

  6. ipears
    Posted 2 years ago #

    DirectAdmin w/ Installatron plugin.

    Have been tinkering a little more:

    Installatron installed multisite 1:
    both subdomains and mapped domains function

    Installatron installed multisite 2:
    both subdomains and mapped domains function

    Installatron installed multisite 3:
    Mapped domains function, but subdomains route to multisite 1...

    subdomain example: jonas.rosenstok.nl

  7. DirectAdmin doesn't have a great user interface to setup the virtual hosts. In fact, I just took a look at one of my DirectAdmin servers and I just have the "Add Custom Httpd Configurations" link on the Admin page.

    I think your best bet is to contact your hosting provider and have them configure the hosts correctly. If they aren't familiar with multisite then they might not be of much help. In that case ask them for a Gist of your virtual host config and we can tell you what it needs to look like.

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