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[Resolved] Multiple "Multisite" Installs vs. One "Multisite" Install

  • New Here to Multisite, but very familiar with WordPress. I have a two part question regarding a very complicated site link structure.

    Q1 : Basically I need to know if it would be better to install several multisite databases with topical subdomains OR install one MASTER multisite database that has several 301 redirects (each 301 redirect with topical subdomains)

    Q2 : Which is best for Geographically Specific SEO? Each of these site domain names are GEO-specific for SEO purposes so it is critically important that the link structure and/or any redirects explicitly contribute to the overall GEO-SEO functionality of the project.

    ————- DOMAIN FRAMEWORK ————–

    SITE #1:

    SITE #2:

    SITE #3:

    ————- LINK STRUCTURE ————–

    DOMAIN : Aggregates the featured content from each subdomain and has entirely separate information and purposes

    SUBDOMAIN : Each subdomain talks only and specifically about its niche and links to its sister niche in other areas as well as to the DOMAIN root.

    ***** For debate sake I have already ruled out using sudirectories, I am only interested in subdomain help at this point.

    Thank You in advance for the help.

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  • Using one Multisite (with multinetworks, BTW, not 301s) vs using multiple Multisites is really case of ‘who are your users?’

    Who’s going to be logged in? Do you need to keep these people separate? Do they need email for each ‘nation’?

    SEO ‘better’ is so insanely subjective, I always tell people ‘Pick what makes sense.’ See, all the SEO in the world won’t help if your users can’t figure out where to go 🙂 I would say The domain pulling in featured content from the subs would be best.

    (BTW – There is absolutely no SEO difference between subdomains and subfolders anymore)

    Thanks Mika,

    OK, yes as for the subdomain / subdirectory debate, I agree … which is why I put the disclaimer for anyone who might want to make the argument. I have chosen subdomains for my own purposes.

    From a scalability perspective, we will have over 100 TLD domains each having about 5-10 subdomains. There will be admins for each TLD Domain area. However, as we are scaling up to that over the next year… there will be only 2-3 admins managing the entire system.

    From a end user perspective, there will be no logging in. It will be purely for geo-location information services. Much like google maps does. (If a user googles festivals in USA, the festival.USA.com would appear, but link to other things going on in the area)- Each page will be incredibly content rich, so we are banking on the content + GEO based URL to be enough for users to find the site and navigate easily.

    I did some research on multinetwork but it really is unclear as to how it works from an architecture/structure and how reliable it is?


    My primary concern isn’t so much the usability of the admin section as it is with the URL’s maintaining their integrity and server database simplicity. I host with 1and1.com currently and if I can avoid having to create 1 database for every site, it might save be some time and space on the server. I’m not a fan of mapping domains as there seems to be some uncertainty in the SEO world about the effectivness of it. (I guess that is debatable)

    Domain mapping is safe as houses. Really. Dnt know where people got the idea that it was bad SEO, but it’s fine.

    So is multi network, though it’s not heavily used enough yet to be … easy. It’s still a fairly fringe bit of software, so not as many people can help you with it.

    As for space/size, there will be an extra 4megs of space for every separate install of WP, which is negligible.

    My deciding factor would be “Am I going to have all these TLDs as mine under one network, now and forever, or will I ever want to branch them out?”

    OK, I’m tracking with you. I’m going to give the multinetwork framework a shot in a beta, to see how deep and far we can take it. I think the they entire network will have enough branches, that separating them might not every need to happen. At least not in the forseeable future.

    Thanks for the insights.

    Last Hypothetical Situation : Let’s say 5 years from now we wanted to make one of the domains an independent. To you know what the potential consequences would be regarding Database and SEO?

    Last Hypothetical Situation : Let’s say 5 years from now we wanted to make one of the domains an independent. To you know what the potential consequences would be regarding Database and SEO?

    Other than a huge whomping headache… No SEO impact at all.

    The headache is that you’d have to export all the sites from the domain and rebuild, because extracting from Multisite is … uh. Well it works for the content, not so much your settings :/ Wasn’t intended to work for settings, though.

    Gotcha, thanks a ton. I think I am going to go the multinetwork way and monitor it carefully for a couple of areas before we scale up. It need be, we’ll make the change at that point in time…

    I’ll post some links once we have a public beta online in a few weeks.

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