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  • What I am looking to do is to have a few “Miniblogs” inside of my main blog. Basically, I would like to put a Dungeons & Dragons header on my menu bar on my blog and under that will be a few links, one is “DM’s Notes”, another is “Diary of a Rogue” and so on, I want these links to be for smaller blogs that are part of the main blog and yet posts can be made inside of those links that will not be reflected on the homepage of it, but rather so my D&D group players can post little reviews of what happened in each session for future reference. Here is a link to my website so you can see what I’m talking about (I have already setup the links, though they are basically empty links): Zim’s Gizmos

    I’m wondering if the ability to do this is already included in the basic package or if there is a plugin of some sort that could allow me to accomplish this, or something similar. Any ideas would help.

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  • Well, you could setup your “miniblogs” using categories (and subcategories)


    Then you can specify in your theme to not show posts from your two subcategories on the home page.

    Also, doing it this way is cool because your players can subscribe to a category and get updates when something new has been posted.

    Oh, I had no idea it was possible to make posts not show on the homepage… How would I go about doing that?

    You’ll have to modify your theme’s home page file – specifically the loop. You can search the codex or forums here, do a Google search, or search sites like to learn more about the loop and how to modify it. I promise you’ll learn a lot! 🙂

    Thanks a ton!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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