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  • Hello,

    We have a Listings Wootheme based website that has a bunch of videos on it. We want to control who sees what by recurring subscription based memberships, which the user would buy and gain access to the pages that are a part of the memberships they subscribe to. They should have the ability to subscribe to several memberships (groups) at once. Through research I see that PayPal Standard only allows one subscription to be purchased at a time.

    All of the membership-based subscriptions that we would offer are the same price, the user getting a bigger discount with greater quantity of memberships they sign up for. For example if they buy one subscription it’d be $100, two $175, three $225, etc. no matter which subscriptions they choose.

    Given the aforementioned issues of Paypal Standard and other gateways can we lump all the subscriptions (products selected via like checkboxes) into the cart as one with one total, hence one subscription? In other words the user would pick their subscriptions (products) and when they proceed to the cart, they’d only see one line item with the cost = to the number of subscriptions they have selected.

    Does any one have any advice as far as plugins, extensions and how I would start to go about it from a custom programming perspective?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts/advice!

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