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  1. garydos34
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    I am using Magic Fields to create categorized image galleries. I have created 3 different custom fields (port_thumb, illustration_thumb, photo_thumb) so that I can post my thumbnail image to one of 3 different sections. Is there something I can do to keep each post separate to its designated field? Essentially what happens when I create a post for say 'port_thumb,' the thumbnail image loads up and everything is fine in that section. But then lower on the page in both of the other 2 sections an invisible link for the port_thumb shows up as well as loading in the css for that section. Is there some code I can add to prevent each post from showing up 3 times on the page?

    '<?php get_header();
    /*Template Name: Portfolio*/

    <div id="main">

    <div class="typography">
    <div class="title1">

    <!--end typography-->

    <!------ BEGIN ILLUSTRATION-->
    <div class="illustration">
    <div class="title2">

    <!--end ILLUSTRATION-->

    <!--- PHOTOGRAPHY--->
    <div class="photography">
    <div class="title3">

    <!--end image-->

    <!--end main-->

    <!--content end-->'

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