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  1. trixienolix
    Posted 5 years ago #

    so, no matter how many times i read the code about multiple loops, I'm STILL completely confused.

    Can someone tell me straight, with code, what the answer is?

    If i have a page with 2 divs and each one wants to have the content from 2 different posts. How do I do it?
    query_posts is bad multiple times on a page?
    I hate the loops where you have to write "echo <h1>" etc etc as I just want to write html.

    Are there any super-simple explanations out there??
    When do you use rewind_post?
    How do I know if I'm looping through the same query? What does this mean?? If i'm not looping through the same query then can I keep using more and more query_posts ??
    When do i use WP_Query?
    Please don't send me the the multiple_loops codex page, I don't understand it.

    Here's a start, which I think is wrong cos I use query_posts:

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