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  • Hi,
    When I use multiple newsletter lists in my form and check them all, a new entryis created in the lists of subscribers. So far so good. However, when I delete the entry manually and resubscribe to only one of the lists, the person is subscribed to all of the previous ones.

    To put it shortly: deletion is not working properly.


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  • Hi @pdhumanist,

    First of all, Thanks for using this plugin. Let me tell you what I understand from your support request are –

    1. First you have add multiple list with a contact form and you have tested by subscribing from contact form, your test email got into multiple list of mailpoet as you wanted to.

    2. Than you have removed that subscriber from mailpoet subscribers list manually.

    3. Than you edited your contact form and set only one list out of all lists of your current setup.

    4. Than you have tested again that form by using same email address ( I guess, if not than please let me know ) which you have used previously. Now you saw that subscriber is add to all list Instead only one list.

    right ? If so, than you will have to remove your subscriber permanently. What you are thinking of deleting is actually moving to Trash. If any subscriber entry move to trash, it will not show in Subscribers section of Mailpoet but it will still bring previous information when subscribe newly.

    So, in short, if you want to delete a subscriber , you must clear your trash after moving them to trash. Also Mailpoet has a option to remove a subscriber from all lists, you can use this option from a drop down top of the subscriber table which says ‘Bulk Actions’.

    Let me know if your current situation is different.


Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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