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  • Hi,

    I run an rc car series with 14 rounds over a 6 month period.

    I have been using the plug in for drivers to book in and populate a drivers list for each event which is working great!

    Now the problem I have is that I cant open booking in until the previous event has passed, I then delete the database and start again.

    Could I not use one big database where drivers can book in for all of the rounds at once but then display several drivers lists for each event?

    The website is I look forward to your replies.

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    I think all you’ll need to do is have a field that identifies the event, then filter the displays so only the event you want shown appears.

    Set up your event field as a “multiselect checkbox” When a driver signs up, they will be able to choose which events they are signing up for. As new events get scheduled, you just need to add them to the “values” field of the event field.

    Ok this makes sense, so with regards to displaying the results (drivers lists) how do I filter these? Ie display all drivers for round 1 on one page, round 2 on another page etc. I just need the code for the filter I guess. The database field would be round 1 ledbury, round 2 stoke etc.

    Also if they were to tick all the boxes (all 14 rounds) would it write to the database 14 times (1 for each event)?

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    You would just need to put the correct filter statement on each page. Using the filters is explained on this page under “Filtering which Records Get Shown”

    Multi checkboxes are saved as an array to the database, so no big deal no matter how many.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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