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  • Hello,

    I have made a WP site in dutch language and want to expand it also to English to get more traffic.

    Is this possible with WordPress? I really like WP and would be sad if this isnt.

    1) Now i have installed my WordPress site (original) in the parent directory of my FTP server
    2) I made a new map “english” and copied the original site into this folder.
    3) I editted the style sheet to display and english navigation bar instead of a dutch one.
    4) when i go to the mysite/english i see the english site.

    The problem is however if i click on the nav bar i get directed to the dutch site and when i make an enlish post the same.

    When I tried to login via mysite/english/wp-login i get also redirected to mysite/wp-login.

    I am not a Php guru or a Mysql wizard. I tried several things, but i cant get it to work.

    Can anyone please help?



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  • It takes a bit more work than simply copying your WP files into a separate directory (as you stated in #2).

    If you really did copy everything from the main (root) directory, it means you have the same wp-config.php file pointing to the same – Dutch – database. Remember, all your content (posts, Pages, comments, settings!) are stored in the database, so yes, it will always point you to the original blog.

    There might be several solutions to set up a multilingual blog.
    One would be to create a second installation with its own database.
    Or, you may want to check some of the language/translation plugins that allow you to have posts in different languages in the same blog.

    Ok thx,

    have some links to explore.

    What i have read from multi language plugins is that they translate the blog posted. Thats nice, but this dont work with my WordPress blog. The problem i have is that my Navigation bar goes back from english to dutch when i click on it.

    This naviagation bar is located in the header.php of my theme. So when i click on the english site i get directed to the parent site in dutch, with the dutch navigation bar and english posts.

    What i need is A asecond install with its owns database. This is magic for me.

    I searched WP Support forums but they dont explain the procedure in detail.

    So i ask, is there or can u provide a step by step documentation about how to do this? It would help more people because i have seen several topics about this.


    The so-called multilanguage plugins that automatically translate a post or a blog – are garbage. Sorry, the machine translation is still not a viable solution. I never suggest to use any of those.

    If you are NOT translating (manually) all your posts into the second language, just want to have another language version in a different folder (in your case /en/) – just follow the Installing_Multiple_Blogs. See which one works better for you: one database with different prefixes or two different databases.

    Thx for the help

    For other people.

    ) Now i have installed my WordPress site (original) in the parent directory of my FTP server
    2) I made a new map “english” and copied the original site into this folder.
    3) I opened config.php and changed the prefix:

    $table_prefix = ‘wp_’;


    $table_prefix = ‘wp2_’;

    4) I opened mysite/english/wp-admin/install.php

    5) Got new password for new site


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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